Professional Editing Services

This Editor’s Creed

The job of any worthwhile professional editor is to permanently improve the writing of their professional clients.

Who I Am: As an editor my style can accurately be described as “rigorous, but fair.” I believe firmly in the constructive aspect of “constructive criticism,” and feedback that is always well-intended, without confrontation and never to the person. I also understand the highly personal aspect of writing and journalism and how offering one’s work to an outsider for critical input can be rather soul-bearing, and unappealing to say the least. However, this does not mean that I will avoid or cower from very diplomatically offering professional input that would objectively improve the clarity and quality of the material.

Who I Am Not: I am not a “grouchy grammarian” and I am not your High School English teacher in horn-rimmed glasses with chains, prattling about didactics and protocols that are no longer in favor, as language is always evolving and the professional editor must keep pace with this constant change.

I believe strongly in mutually beneficial working relationships and the synergy, power – and in the best of circumstances – awe of Constructive Collaborations and partnerships, along the lines of Lewis & Clarke, Lennon & McCartney or Jobs & Wozniak. In fact, the composer/producer relationship is highly appropriate and analogous to that of the writer/editor, in that the editor seeks to fine-tune “voice” and tone apprpriate to the target audience and help the writer achieve peak form, even on the “early takes.” And though I believe fully that the writer is comparatively more important to the partnership – and thus deserves and should always receive “top billing” – the role of the producer who hones the sound, captures and identifies the best “takes” and very tastefully mixes it all, can never be underestimated.

I specialize in and actively prospect prolific writers of hefty material, like original novels and novellas, short stories, frequent articles and marketing materials. Professional editing work is also actively sought with periodical publications, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and hefty quarterly publications.

I pledge to all Clients and prospects alike to never leak or prematurely divulge any of your writings prior to publication – in whole or in part – to any person, firm or organization.Brett A. Kinsey

Brett A. Kinsey
The Freelance Editor LLC