Standing Offer

No Cost / No Obligation Sample Edit: The Freelance Editor LLC will do a rigorous and thorough Sample Edit of your written material using a highly intuitive and unique system of processing that’s color-coded like a stoplight and used with or without the strikeout to connote varying shades of orange and red. Green is used for corrections, per The Chicago Manual of Style / 16th Edition and/or the Oxford English Dictionary. The “wildcard” color of purple is used to indicate inconsistencies with timeline, formatting, or other incongruities.

If you choose not to utilize the services of The Freelance Editor LLC, then the Sample Edit is provided at No Cost. If you do utilize the services of The Freelance Editor LLC, then the Sample Edit will retroactively be included in the agreed-upon price.

Side Notes: As a value-added feature, highly detailed Side Notes are also provided for virtually all non-repetitive edits and the most nuanced edits to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

Firm Quotation: Based on the writing sample provided, The Freelance Editor LLC will provide a Firm Quotation expressed as a per-word rate, by far the fairest metric.

Fiduciary Promise: The Freelance Editor LLC will never leak or prematurely divulge any of your original written material – in whole or in part – to any person, firm, or organization prior to publication.

Novelists: Excerpt 20 – 30 Standard Pages (5,000 – 7,500 words) from the second half of your manuscript. Ideally, an entire chapter or continuous chapters.

Short Story Writers: Include as many short stories as necessary to reach a minimum of 5,000 words and no more than 10,000 words.

Freelance Writers: Include as many articles as necessary to reach a minimum of 2,500 words and no more than 5,000 words.

Email writing samples in MS-Word DOCX or DOC format to