The Freelance Editor LLC

My foremost ambition is to help Clients permanently improve their writing. Clients of The Freelance Editor can expect a consistent and rigorous edit with feedback that is always constructive and offered in only the most diplomatic and non-confrontational manner.

As it relates to language, I am a “Strict Interpretationist” and one who believes firmly in the symbiotic relationship between writer and editor. Accordingly, I leave ego at the door and am by no means a “grouchy grammarian” with self-serving notions of superiority. Regarding the confidentiality of your proprietary and original written material, I pledge to all Clients and prospects alike to never divulge – in whole or in part – your copyright protected materials to any person, firm or organization prior to publication.

For more information or to request a detailed price quotation, please contact me (Brett Kinsey) via email at or, with some general information about your writing project, any relevant deadlines, your phone number and best time to call.